Byrjendanámskeið í sviðsbardagalistum hefst sunnudaginn 11. september. (5 skipti, 17 klst.)
Staður: Dansverkstæðið, Skúlagata 30, Reykjavík.
Tími: Sunnudagar kl. 12:00-15:0o (engin æfing 2. okt) Lokaæfing 16. okt. 12:00-17:00
Verð: 11.500
Kennari: Ine Camilla Bjørnsten
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Beginner workshop in stage fighting over 5 Sundays (17 hours), 11.september – 16.oktober.
Sundays 12:00-15:00 (no training 2. okt) Last training 16. okt. 12:00-17:00
Workshop fee: 11.500 ISK
Teacher: Ine Camilla Bjørnsten
Small group!
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What is Stage Combat?

Stage combat, or ‘stunt fighting’, is the art of creating and performing choreographed fights for an audience, in live shows or on the screen.

Stage combat training is a mixture of practicing fighting techniques that are adapted to be safe for the «victim» and clear for the audience, training how to do reactions when you are «hit», and working on timing, spacial movement and choreography together with a fight partner.

The stage combat performer also needs to work on how to use body language, facial expressions and voice to ‘act the fight’, so the finished fight scene becomes a piece of dramatic story telling.

What will you get out of this workshop?

After completing the workshop, you will have the basic skills to perform unarmed fight moves in front of an audience, and a thorough understanding of safety and good partnering in stage combat.

You will also get to move with swords and other weapons, to prepare for working with weapon choreography.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Safety First! How to perform a fight without breaking yourself or your partner. (Or anything else.)
  • Unarmed techniques: Punches, slaps, kicks, hair pulls, chokes and dirty tricks. Based on the NSFS vocabulary of unarmed moves.
  • Good reactions: Separations, timing, scaling.
  • Knap-o-rama. Where did that sound come from?
  • Meet the floor!
  • Introduction to fighting with objects and shiny pointy things. We will incorporate ‘found objects’ in our unarmed fights. The participants will also get to try different swords, and we will talk about weapon training and safety

The workshop counts as preparation hours for the NSFS basic test in unarmed fighting.

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