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Penslasett úr gervihári.


Frá framleiðanda:
The set consists of 5 different synthetic brushes:
• The 2 round brushes (Round 1 & 4) are very suitable for creating flowing line-work.
• The flower brush (Flora) is specially designed for painting flower petals and leaves in a quick and easy way.
• With the slanted brush (Angle) the width of the brush stroke can be varied easily by rotating the brush, as in calligraphy.
• The flat brush (Flat) is ideal for drawing bold lines and covering large surfaces.
The brushes absorb the make-up quickly, lie in the hand comfortably and retain their shape well.

Clean the brushes with water and soap or shampoo. After washing, mould the wet hairs into the right shape by hand and leave the brush to dry on a towel. Do not leave the brush upright during drying, because the water will then be absorbed into the shaft. Do not leave the brushes standing in a bowl of water for long periods, because this is bad for the hairs.

The hairs may discolour over time, but this does not affect the make-up result in any way.

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