Photos from the festival are available HERE


The Icelandic Amateur Theatre Association is the festival host in co-operation with:

  • Nordic Culture Fund
  • Icelandic Ministry of Culture
  • Akureyri Municipality
  • Cultural House HOF in Akureyri
  • North European Amateur Theatre Alliance (NEATA)


We welcome amateur theatre groups from the NEATA countries and one group each from the CEC and CIFTA regions respectively. See the performance program below.

Performances and festival theme;

Human – Nature – Art of the Heart.

The festival focuses on people and their dealings with nature, both in the sense of natural forces, environment etc, and the struggle with their own nature: desires, hatreds, prejudices and needs.

The performances at the VI Official NEATA Festival are displayed here.

A map of the Festival is displayed here.
A map of particpating countries is displayed here.