Kryolan Make-up Manual 2016

Kryolan Make-up Manual 2016

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Ný handbók um leikhúsförðun frá Kryolan. Höfundur Arnold Langer. 288 síður, texti er á ensku. Mjög mikið myndskreytt.

The Kryolan Make-up Manual is a specialized book about the essential fundamental knowledge of theatrical make-up, mask/mold making, body painting, high-definition make-up, and camouflage make-up – from practice for practice. Containing many images, examples of masks, and step-by-step instructions, the book is a standard reference for professionals and hobbyist alike. Arnold Langers Manual takes a deep and thorough look at the craft of theatrical make-up. Material knowledge and basic principles are conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner – from make-up techniques for making a person appear younger or older; to usage of rubber parts, bald caps, beards, and wigs. There is one whole chapter dedicated to creating make-up for realistic portrayal of accident and emergency victims. The chapter also introduces the different types of stage blood and blood effects used in film and theater. The subsequent chapters also explain airbrush make-up techniques, the art of body painting, and the use of camouflage make-up to cover up tattoos and skin anomalies. The eighth edition of the Kryolan Make-up Manual has been completely revamped – with even more topics, tips, and images.

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