SwedenPromo1Title of performance:

GrÀnskontroll (Border control)

Theatre Group: Teater Nea

Country: Sweden

Director: Erik NihlgÄrd

Date and time: Wednesday August 11, 20.00

GrĂ€nskontroll is mainly performed by actors on stage, but also consists of short filmed sequences and voice-overs. The show defies different attitudes to the stage by mixing spoken scenes with sung and choreographed ones, with the intention to explore the possibilities and taboos of theatrical means of expression. There is no chronology in GrĂ€nskontroll, and the show is in a way fragmentary. All the characters in the show are somewhat different, and that is what unites them. The red thread is the characters’ strive to become accepted for the ones they are, and the question: „Where is your limit?“

On stage we see three women and one man. The actors all play several characters, but sometimes one character is interpreted by several actors, and a monologue is performed by three actors at the same time. Some of the characters we get to see more than one time, and others pass by in an instant. teater nea explores gender issues and look into different angles of human rules of behaviour, concerning for example authority, age, sexuality and food. Some of the scenes are humoristic, and others might scare and disgust the audience. GrÀnskontroll leaves no one unaffected.

GrĂ€nskontroll is thought-provoking in both content and expression. The purpose of the show is to raise the audience’s consciousness on social taboos, ideas and prejudice.