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Irish Poem for Violin and Soul

Theatre Group: Ludic Student Theatre

Country: Romania

Director: Aurel Luca

Playwright: John Kendrick

Date and time: Wednesday August 11. / 17.00-18.00

Two guards are throwing out Martin from a bar obsessively repeating “The Salvation Army is singing again”. These words trigger the drama in man’s memory because there he met Catherine, the love of his life. Actually, the plot of the play presents Martin’s souvenir on the last night with his love, Catherine, before her death. This souvenir presents two strong personalities. Martin is an Irish absolutely in love with Catherine and is determined to give up drinking and begin a new life with her. He wants to offer her a house, a life that she deserves. On the other hand, Catherine is still hunted by the love that she had for another Irish man – Tom – the husband that left because of her alcohol addiction. She is also trying to escape from her painful relation with her family, especially with her mother. Catherine is fighting to forget and to accept her past, but the disillusions and the illness are stronger. The death that she fears will take her, in the end, and her body will be given to the Medicine students because she had no identity documents, to Martin’s despair.