LithuaniaPromo1Title of performance:

A ¬īla Musicale

Theatre Group: Druskininkai Theatre

Country: Lithuania

Director: Asta ŇĹiurinskienńó

Date and time: Wednesday August 11. / 15.00 – 16.00

The performance “A ‘LA MUSICALE” of Druskininkai theatre ‚ÄěNiŇ°a‚Äú is a creative and original interpretation of J. Erlickas play ‚ÄěThe Birthday of Columbus‚Äú. The performance reminds a lively and feel-good musical where residents of the village live, love, hate, and fear. The characters of the performance sing jolly about all these things. Modern-days problems such as ambitions of power, cheaply shining popularity of new stars and peripeteia of everyday life are visibility revealed on the stage.