On behalf of the Nordic and Baltic countries, we wish you a wonderful World Theatre Day.
The allocution is made by the Vicepresident of the Lithuanian Amateur Theatre Association dr. Danute Vaigauskaite:

Lithuanian Theatre Lover about THEATRE ESSENCE

„… my soul home smelling like a mint tea. Only in theatre I can show true self. It is like the magical key to my essence.“ (Irmante, 16)
„…. a fortress where I feel like a Phoenix, risen from the ashes“. (Jolanta, 17)
„…learning to be yourself, to break free from the shackles, to erase the boundaries drawn, to decide… and just be. You can‘t be indifferent when theatre touches you.“ (Karolis, 20)
„… the place where I can be different from true self, place where I can learn overcome myself, to improve my feelings, learn to know the other person.“ (Eimantas, 25)
„… is the door to myself. I can turn into something else, act and change while being on the stage. It helps to recognize self.“ (Kornelijus, 32)
„… a life on stage with the clean conscience, true feelings and words behind the lines. This is a conversation with myself and dialogue with the audience. Theatre is the flights and downfalls, it‘s a death and life.“ (Vida, 46)
„… a search for culture, history, identity, self-test in difficult situations, the aspiration to be a better, more creative, lenient, more sincere, more intelligent.“ (Edgaras, 54)
„…. a place where I am not punished for what I feel, what I think and what I want.“ (Antanas, 60)