FrancePromo3Title of performance:

Laveurs de Cerveaux (Washers of Brains)

Theatre Group: I´Asse du coin

Country: France

Director: Gilles Grazilly

Playwright: Matei Visniec

Date and time: Thursday August 12, 14.00 – 14.55

Say “ficelle”! go on … say “ficelle”!,  … it’s so easy … say “ficelle” and everything will go better, …say “ficelle”! Or anything else, its matters little, but say it!!

The absurd and fantastic theatre by Visniec recall us the Ionesco’s one, where words find a meaning only after a tireless repetition, in borderline situations where actors are alternatively victims or oppressors.
This society, where you must say “ficelle”, where you must wash your brain on a regular basis or where you must isolate yourself in imaginary circles, this society has its own rules of life out of which you can’t move. Three men are roaming in this implacable world, drawing, pushing containers as empty shells, symbols of their pathetic life.

This adaptation (Laveurs de Cerveaux) was first given in a festival of chamber theatre in November 2006 and since this was performed about 40 times.