DenmarkPromo1Title of performance:

Dunkel Parade

Theatre Group: Dunkelfolket

Country: Denmark

Director: Katrine Faber

Playwright: Larry Hunt, Katrine Faber, Kirsten Gitz and Dunkelfolket

Date and time: Friday August 13. / 14.00-15.30

About the performance: Dunkelfolket consists of up to 35 trained mask performers of both genders and with a wide ranged age and social class. They portray different sides of the human nature through direct face-to-mask contact with the spectators in a mutual creating process. There will be magical, shocking, funny and insane situations as Dunkelfolket passes through town. They will enter the areas where people reside both disturbing and expanding the reality of the town. This will create experiences and thoughts accompanied by beautiful pictures and tones. They will catalyze human display of pent-up, saved, ingrown desires, vices, laughs, tears, feelings and temptations.